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  • How does your order process work?

    When buying cryptocurrency

    • Order opened with our team
    • You provide a receipt that you have sent us the funds, usually with a photo of the transaction
    • Price locked in and trade executed
    • Funds clear on our end (typically within 1 – 3 business days depending on bank transfer times)
    • Coins are released to your nominated wallet

  • What are your prices based on?

    We determine the price for the cryptocurrencies in the most fair way possible – using the highest liquidity exchanges as global benchmarks.Bitcoin’s price is determined by an average of the highest liquidity exchanges globally. For other cryptocurrencies, the price is based on the exchange with the largest trading volume.To reward frequent clients, our variable fee rate decreases as your trading volume with us increases. Contact your broker today.

  • Do you support overseas clients?

    Yes! we’ve had many happy clients from the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and Switzerland, amongst many others

  • Do you support trading as an entity, such as a company?

    Yes. We are able to facilitate trading with all entity structures, such as companies, trusts, and superannuation funds.

  • What's your minimum transaction?

    We encourage you to start with a minimum amount of $300 for the first trial period which last for 14 days, thereafter you will be recommended to upgrade to our minimum trade of 1BTC.

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